Old Waldorf School

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About Us

The Friends of Old Waldorf School Foundation was founded in 1994.  A small group of dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly to save the c. 1930 Waldorf Elementary School building which had been vacant for a number of years, and subsequently fallen into disrepair & succumbed to neglect.  Through the efforts of these volunteers, cooperation from the Charles County Government, and generous donations from supporters, the School was restored to its former glory and opened to the public for use as a community center.  Old Waldorf School has been the event venue for numerous private affairs including weddings, birthdays, and awards ceremonies.

The Friends of Old Waldorf School Foundation continues to work to support this endeavor, to maintain the building and grounds, and to keep the School a vibrant and active part of the community.


Friends of Old Waldorf School Foundation Officers:




Vice President:




Sandra B. Middleton
eMail:  [email protected]

Susie Bender
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Peggy Goldsmith, Acting Secretary

Peggy Goldsmith

J. Lorraine Berry
eMail:  [email protected]

Brenda Bush
eMail:  [email protected]

Penny Norris
eMail:  [email protected]

Esther Norris Sherwell

Nina Voehl
eMail:  [email protected]